Monday, May 18, 2009

Notice the Nest?

While walking the other day, I noticed a mourning dove flying toward a flowering pear tree. She didn't hold the traditional olive branch in her mouth; rather, dry pine needles. Hmmmm. Maybe I should investigate;) Sure enough, there was a nest, but I did not linger since I was disturbing the two doves working so diligently to complete their home.

My logical mind doubted their choice of locations. The nest was hidden in leaves, but so low to the ground....and SO close to the sidewalk. The tree is located in a park, but fortunately not in a play area. Perhaps no one would notice them. Except me;)

My walking route varies daily, but I do check the birdies when I can. This nest is not the first one I have monitored. One year at work, we discovered a pair of nesting doves. We could see them at eye level through the second floor window, but the best view was from the third floor window looking down. Mom and Dad successfully raised two youngsters. It was a happy day when they flew away, but a little sad to see the empty nest. Wonder if birdie moms feel the same as their human counterparts? ;)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Three Little Parakeets.... pets, and notoriously messy! That's one reason they live outside;) Parakeets can easily survive Southern California winters OUTDOORS (provided they have adequate shelter). When my old walk-in aviary finally succumbed to weather, hookbills, and termites, I razed it with the intent to build something smaller. A few years ago, I discovered some heavy-duty storage racks on clearance at Lowes. The price was right too. With some adjustments to the assembly, plywood, pegboard, a few pieces of cedar and some aviary wire, my three little parakeets had a new home. These days the cage is a little rusty, but my birdies are as pretty as ever!